New Puppy

New Puppy


Buying a puppy is fun and exciting time!  However, when faced with the myriad of decisions: What breed? What size? Who is going to care the dog? etc., it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.  In 10 years of selling puppies we have compiled a list of a few things you may want to consider when finding the right puppy to become a member of your family.  Experience has taught us, taking a little time up front and making some informed decisions can make getting a new puppy a positive experience for the whole family.  Here are a few points to consider.    


When it comes to choosing the right breed, doing research is key.  Whether it's going to the library, visiting breed specific sites on the internet, talking to veterinarians, or even dog trainers and groomers - learning everything you can on a specific breed's behavior, intelligence, habits, grooming, training, and general overall care is essential.

Some questions to consider:

  • What size dog do you want?
  • Will you be doing a lot of traveling with your dog?
  •  Do you have adequate space for proper exercise?
  • Will this dog be safe from predators; hawks, foxes, coyotes, etc.?
  • Will this breed need a lot of training?
  • Will this breed require a lot of grooming?
  • Will this breed be good with children?
  • Should you get a purebred or a mixed-breed puppy?
  • Is this in my budget?
  • What kind of medical expenses are going to be required; vaccinations, neutering, etc.?


  When it comes to determining the right time to get a new puppy, a little forethought can go a long way.  Never surprise anyone with a puppy.  Be sure everyone in the family is on board and understands the diligence it will take to make the puppy's home a happy and healthy one.  Yet also understand, the time it takes to care for the puppy can never be delegated to children, responsibility ultimately rests with the parents. 

Pre-planning for a puppy will eliminate a lot of stress and make the transition an easier one; e.g., is this the right time of year?  Each season has its pros and cons - spring can be wet, winter cold, summer has vacations and fall kicks off a new school year.  Give some consideration to how this may influence the care for your new puppy.  A cold winter for example simply means more potty training on wee-wee pads indoors rather than outdoors.  Vacations in the summer means including the puppy in family activities or finding a puppy sitter.  A little forethought on when to get a puppy can go a long way.  


Whether you choose a rescue group, breeder or a store, determining where you get your dog should come down to one word: Trust.  Taking home a new puppy is a fifteen year commitment and you should never in any way feel pressured to make a decision.  

Some ideas to consider:

  • First impressions matter. Does the place you’re in smell of urine, feces?  This is a red flag.  A clean environment is a healthy environment.
  • How does the dog look?  Is he clean? Are his eyes bright and opened?  Is his tail wagging? Do they seem alert? Are his ears clean and free of debris?
  • Is the puppy happy to be with you?  Do you sense a connection?
  • What vet gave the puppy their health exam and is it documented? 
  •  Ask about vaccinations.  Which ones were given and when is the next set to be given.
  • Has the puppy had a fecal exam, if not, why? (You want to make sure the puppy was checked for parasites.) 
  •  Where do you puppies sleep at night? (Do they sleep with other puppies or alone in a crate?)

If you feel these standards are not met, or any of these simple questions are met with resistance, you should strongly consider going someplace else.  We hope this page has been of help to you.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the store.